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Advances in Religion, Cognitive Science, and Experimental Philosophy                    Ebook      2016

Conduct of inquiry in international Relations: Philosophy of Science and Its Implications For the Study of World Politics.       Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus        Paper    2016

Hidden Authorship of Soren Kierkegaard.    Sawyer, Jacob H           Paper    2015

intoxication; Trans. By Philip Armstrong.     Nancy, Jean-Luc           Paper    2016

infinite Distraction: Paying Attention To Social Media.         Pettman, Dominic         Paper      2016

intellectual Humility: An introduction To the Philosophy and Science.          Church, Ian      Paper    2016

Philosophy of Cognitive Science.     Cain, M.J          Paper    2016

Philosophy of Science: Key Concepts.         French, Steven Cloth    2016

Physics and Speculative Philosophy: Potentiality in Modern Science            Cloth    2016

Pythagoras and the Doctrine of Transmigration: Wandering Souls. Luchte, James  Paper      2011

Reduction and Emergence in Science andPhilosophy.          Gillett, Carl       Cloth    2016

Soren Kierkegaard: Subjectivity, Irony, and the Crisis of Modernity.            Stewart, Jon (Jon Bartley)          Cloth    2015

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