PHILOSOPHY firm orders invoiced since July 1, 2015

PHILOSOPHY firm orders invoiced since July 1, 2015
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Alfarabi: the political writings; v. Ii: “political regime” and “summary of Plato’s laws.; trans. By Charles e. Butterworth. Farabi cloth 2015
Artemis. Budin, stephanie lynn cloth 2016
Arthur Schopenhauer: new material by him and about him by dr. David asher Asher, David, 1818-1890 cloth 2015
Articulation between natural sciences and systematic theology: a philosophical mediation based on the contributions of jean Ladriere and Xavier zubiri.paper 2015
Atheism. Evans, dylan, 1966- paper 2014
Dancing with absurdity: your most cherished beliefs (and all your others) are probably wrong. Leavitt, fred cloth 2015
Developing moral sensitivity cloth 2015
Dialogue as a trans-disciplinary concept: martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue and its contemporary reception. Cloth 2015
Fabricating origins paper 2015
From Hegel to Windelband: historiography of philosophy in the 19th century ebook 2015
God and mental causation. Lim, daniel paper 2015
Islam and rationality: the impact of al-ghazali: papers collected on his 900th anniversary.; v. 1 ebook 2015
Letter that has not been read: dreams in the Hebrew bible; trans. By lenn j. Schramm. Bar, shaul ebook 2001
Partitioning the soul: debates from Plato to Leibniz ebook 2014
Problem of perception and the experience of god: toward a theological empiricism. Yadav, sameer paper 2015
Recognition principle: a philosophical perspective between psychology, sociology and politics. Busacchi, vinicio cloth 2015
Research methodology: from philosophy of science to research design. Novikov, a.m. (aleksandr mikhailovich), 1941- ebook 2013
Robust demands of the good: ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect. Pettit, philip, 1945- ebook 2015
Stem cell dialogues: a philosophical and scientific inquiry into medical frontiers. Krimsky, sheldon ebook 2015
Voltaire’s revolution: writings from his campaign to free laws from religion voltaire, 1694-1778 paper 2015

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