Approval plan books invoiced since July 1 2015

PHILOSOPHY approval plan books invoiced since July 1, 2015

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Aesthetics of ugliness: a critical edition Rosencrantz, Karl, 1805-1879 cloth 2015
Against facts. Betti, Arianna, 1970- cloth 2015
Animal theory: a critical introduction. Ryan, Derek paper 2015
Autonomy platonism and the indispensability argument. Marcus, Russell, 1966- cloth 2015
Badiou and Hegel: infinity, dialectics, subjectivity cloth 2015
Before virtue: assessing contemporary virtue ethics. Sanford, Jonathan j., 1974- cloth 2015
Creaturely cosmologies: why metaphysics matters for animal and planetary liberation. Donaldson, Brianne cloth 2015
Critical theory of creativity: utopia, aesthetics, atheism and design. Howells, richard, 1956- cloth 2015
Defending Rorty: pragmatism and liberal virtue. Curtis, william m. (william mcallister), 1970- cloth 2015
Deleuze and the non/human cloth 2015
Descartes’ philosophical revolution: a reassessment. Ben-Yami, Hanoch, 1962- cloth 2015
Dialectic of the ladder: Wittgenstein, the tractatus and modernism. Ware, Ben cloth 2015
Elbow room: the varieties of free will worth wanting. Dennett, d.c. (daniel clement) paper 2015
Emotions in Indian thought-systems cloth 2015
Ethical loneliness: the injustice of not being heard. Stauffer, jill, 1966- cloth 2015
Ethics of subjectivity: perspectives since the dawn of modernity cloth 2015
Evil in Africa: encounters with the everyday paper 2015
Extended rationality: a hinge epistemology. Coliva, Annalisa, 1973- cloth 2015
For Badiou: idealism without idealism. Ruda, frank paper 2015
Gadamer and the transmission of history. Veith, jerome, 1981- cloth 2015
German culture and the modern environmental imagination: narrating and depicting nature. Wilke, sabine, 1957- paper 2015
Henri Bergson Jankelevitch, Vladimir paper 2015
Hidden god: pragmatism and posthumanism in american thought. White, ryan cloth 2015
Indispensable excess of the aesthetic: evolution of sensibility in nature. Mandoki, katya, 1947- cloth 2015
Intelligent mind: on the genesis and constitution of discursive thought. Winfield, richard dien, 1950- cloth 2015
Interanimations: receiving modern German philosophy. Pippin, robert b., 1948- cloth 2015
Inventing Socrates. Hollingworth, miles paper 2015
Jean Baudrillard: from hyperreality to disappearance: uncollected interviews baudrillard, jean, 1929-2007 paper 2015
Kant’s transcendental deduction of the categories: unity, representation, and apperception. Kaye, Lawrence j cloth 2015
Logic and the limits of philosophy in kant and hegel. Bohnet, clayton, 1976- cloth 2015
Making sense: beauty, creativity, and healing; bandy lee. Cloth 2014
Marx, the body, and human nature. Fox, john g., 1964- cloth 2015
Muhammad Iqbal: essays on the reconstruction of modern muslim thought cloth 2015
Narrative naturalism: an alternative framework for philosophy of mind. Wahman, Jessica, 1968- cloth 2015
New approaches to neo-Kantianism cloth 2015
On moral certainty, justification and practice: a wittgensteinian perspective. Hermann, julia, 1979- cloth 2015
Philosophy of Hilary Putnam cloth 2015
Politics of objectivity: an essay on the foundations of political conflict. Steinberger, peter j., 1948- cloth 2015
Postdigital aesthetics: art, computation and design cloth 2015
Problem of universals in contemporary philosophy cloth 2015
Rationality, control, and freedom: making sense of human freedom. Douglass, curran fletcher, 1945- cloth 2015
Remembering the holocaust: generations, witnessing and place. Jilovsky, esther cloth 2015
Respecting truth: willful ignorance in the internet age. Mcintyre, lee c paper 2015
Rhetorical invention of man: a history of distinguishing humans from other animals. Goodale, greg, 1966- cloth 2015
Self-knowledge and self-deception. Strandberg, hugo, 1975- cloth 2015
Sophists in plato’s dialogues. Corey, david d cloth 2015
Sounds: the ambient humanities. Mowitt, john, 1952- paper 2015
Spinoza’s critique of religion and its heirs: Marx, Benjamin, Adorno. Dobbs-Weinstein, idit, 1950- cloth 2015
Story of my life: narrative and self-understanding. Moran, richard, 1953- cloth 2015
Striking beauty: a philosophical look at the asian martial arts. Allen, barry, 1957- cloth 2015
Structure of enquiry in plato’s early dialogues. Politis, Vasilis cloth 2015
Study of dialectic in Plato’s Parmenides. Sanday, eric cloth 2015
Subjectivity and identity: between modernity and postmodernity. Zima, peter v cloth 2015
Theory of the sublime from longinus to kant. Doran, robert, 1968- cloth 2015
Thinking through animals: identity, difference, indistinction. Calarco, matthew, 1972- paper 2015
Thresholds of listening: sound, technics, space paper 2015
Unconscious thought in philosophy and psychoanalysis. Hendrix, john cloth 2015
Unity of oneness and plurality in plato’s Theaetetus. Bloom, Daniel cloth 2015
What the body commands: the imperative theory of pain. Klein, colin, 1979- cloth 2015

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