Books ordered 8-28-2015

These books were just firm-ordered Browse title in MNCAT in a few weeks to check for availability

Dancing With Absurdity: Your Most Cherished Beliefs (And All Your Others) Are Probably Wrong. Leavitt, Fred Cloth 2015
Developing Moral Sensitivity / Cloth 2015
Freedom To Fail: Heidegger’s Anarchy; Trans. By Ian Alexander Moore. Trawny, Peter, 1964- Paper 2015
From Hegel To Windelband: Historiography Of Philosophy In The 19th Century Ebook 2015
Hippias Minor Or The Art Of Cunning: A New Translation Of Plato’s Most Controversial Dialogue /Trans. Sarah Ruden. Plato Paper 2015
How We Get Along. Velleman, James David Paper 2009
Islam And Rationality: The Impact Of Al-Ghazali: Papers Collected On His 900th Anniversary.; V. 1 Ebook 2015
Memory: A History Paper 2015
Partitioning The Soul: Debates From Plato To Leibniz Ebook 2014
Patterns Of Rationality: Recurring Inferences In Science, Social Cognition And Religious   Thinking. Bertolotti, Tommaso Cloth 2015
Propositional Content. Hanks, Peter Cloth 2015
Robust Demands Of The Good: Ethics With Attachment, Virtue, And Respect. Pettit, Philip, 1945- Ebook2015
Science Studies: An Advanced Introduction. Hess, David J Ebook 1997
Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical And Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers. Krimsky, Sheldon Ebook 2015

Waging War: A New Philosophical Introduction.        Clark, Ian, 1949-         Paper  2015

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