Resources for Philosophy Research

The University of Minnesota Libraries provides a subject resource page for Philosophy to facilitate your research.  This page will appear in CourseLib if you’re enrolled in Philosophy classes here at the U of M Twin Cities campus.  First on the list are article indexes including PhilPapers, Philosopher’s Index and others that are multidisciplinary, including Arts and Humanities Citation Index. You’ll also see links to important online reference sources in philosophy.

Learn more about PhilPapers in this brief review PhilPapers: Online Research in Philosophy. R.A. Sica, Jr. CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. 46.11 (July 2009) p2127   or go ahead and explore PhilPapers directly at

For now PhilPapers is free but you’ll need to look up some references in our library catalog in order to access them.  Open access journals will link directly from PP.  We’re in the process of setting up a subscription; once that’s done you’ll be able to link directly to articles in journals we’ve paid for, not just the open access resources.

Don’t forget to login to the U and to the Libraries so the system can authenticate you and grant you access to subscription resources purchased by us for your use. If you are not currently affiliated you may still use these resources if you access them at a campus library.

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