Titles ordered since July 1, 2014

These books have been invoiced since July 2014. Check MNCAT Libraries Catalog for availability.


Aesthetic Of Johann Sebastian Bach; Trans. By Joe Armstrong.Pirro, Andre, 1869-1943   Cloth      2014

Anishinaabe Ways Of Knowing And Being.  Gross, Lawrence William   Cloth      2014

Attention. Wu, Wayne        Paper      2014

Being In America: Sixty Years Of The Metaphysical Society                    Cloth      2014

Birth Of Theory.  Cole, Andrew, 1968-           Paper      2014

Buddhist Moral Philosophy: An Introduction.              Gowans, Christopher W     Paper      2015

Cambridge Companion To Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics                       Paper      2014

Cambridge Companion To Augustine                            Paper      2014

Cambridge History Of Medieval Philosophy Paper     2014

Cambridge History Of Medieval Philosophy                 Paper      2014

Case For Character: Towards A Lutheran Virtue Ethics.            Biermann, Joel D Paper      2014

Cause For Thought: An Essay In Metaphysics.            Burbidge, John, 1936-        Paper      2014

Character Assassination Throughout The Ages                            Cloth      2014

Darwin Becomes Art: Aesthetic Vision In The Wake Of Darwin: 1870-1920.        Ridley, Hugh        Paper      2014

Demise Of The Inhuman: Afrocentricity, Modernism, And Postmodernism.         Monteiro-Ferreira, Ana, 1949- Cloth               2014

Ecological Ethics And Living Subjectivity In Hegel’s Logic: The Middle Voice Of Autopoietic Life. Kisner, Wendell    Cloth      2014

End Of Phenomenology: Metaphysics And The New Realism. Sparrow, Tom, 1979-          Paper      2014

Essential Vulnerabilities: Plato And Levinas On Relations To The Other. Achtenberg, Deborah, 1951- Cloth 2014

Ethics As A Work Of Charity: Thomas Aquinas And Pagan Virtue.         Decosimo, Joseph David, 1979-       Cloth      2014

Ethics Of Death.  Steffen, Lloyd,     Paper      2014

Ethics: An Essay On The Understanding Of Evil; Trans. By Peter Hallward.          Badiou, Alain       Paper      2013

Existence: Essays In Ontology.        Van Inwagen, Peter             Paper      2014

Far Reaches: Phenomenology, Ethics, And Social Renewal In Central Europe.    Gubser, Mike        Paper      2014

Forgiveness And Remembrance: Remembering Wrongdoing In Personal And Public Life. Blustein, Jeffrey   Paper      2014

Franz Rosenzweig’s Conversions: World Denial And World Redemption.               Pollock, Benjamin               Cloth      2014

From Despair To Faith: The Spirituality Of Soren Kierkegaard.                Barnett, Christopher B. (Christopher Baldwin), 1976- Paper      2014

Future Of Continental Philosophy Of Religion Paper   2014

Gilbert Simondon’s Psychic And Collective Individuation: A Critical Introduction And Guide.          Scott, David,         Paper      2014

Heaven And Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem Of Evil In Classical Chinese Philosophy. Perkins, Franklin Paper 2014

History Of Balance, 1250-1375: The Emergence Of A New Model Of Equilibrium And Its Impact On Thought. Kaye, Joel, 1946-                Cloth

How We Fight: Ethics In War Cloth 2014

Ibn Sina’s Remarks And Admonitions: Physics And Metaphysics: An Analysis And Annotated Translation.                Avicenna, 980-1037                Cloth      2014

Iconoclastic Theology: Gilles Deleuze And The Secretion Of Atheism.    Shults, F. Leron    Cloth      2014

Incapacity: Wittgenstein, Anxiety, And Performance Behavior.               Golub, Spencer     Cloth      2014

Inner Experience = L’experience Interieure; Trans. By Stuart Kendall.    Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962 Paper 2014

Interspecies Ethics.              Willett, Cynthia, 1956-       Paper      2014

Introduction To Metaphysics; Trans. By Gregory Fried.             Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976          Paper      2014

Jewish Philosophical Politics In Germany, 1789-1848.                Rose, Sven-Erik   Paper      2014

Jewish Thought, Utopia, And Revolution Paper 2014

Kant And The Meaning Of Religion.               Godlove, Terry F  Paper      2014

Kant’s Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason: A Critical Guide                             Cloth      2014

Kierkegaard’s Indirect Politics: Interludes With Lukacs, Schmitt, Benjamin And Adorno.  Ryan, Bartholomew           Paper      2014

Light Traces.         Sallis, John, 1938- Paper 2014

Listening, Thinking, Being: Toward An Ethics Of Attunement. Lipari, Lisbeth, 1960- Cloth 2014

Literature And The Long Modernity Paper 2014

Lyotard, Literature And The Trauma Of The Differend.            Sawyer, Dylan      Cloth      2014

Mill’s A System Of Logic: Critical Appraisals                                Cloth      2014

Moral Psychology; V. 4: Free Will And Moral Responsibility     Cloth     2014

Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue                           Cloth      2014

Neoplatonic Socrates                          Cloth      2014

Nietzsche’s Dynamic Metapsychology: This Uncanny Animal.                Welshon, Rex, 1955-          Cloth      2014

Nietzsche’s Last Laugh: Ecce Homo As Satire.             More, Nicholas D., 1964-   Cloth      2014

No Symbols Where None Intended: Literary Essays From Laclos To Beckett.      Axelrod, Mark      Cloth      2014

Noise Matters: Towards An Ontology Of Noise.           Hainge, Greg, 1971-            Ebook    2013

Nothingness In Asian Philosophy     Paper      2014

Objectification Spectrum: Understanding And Transcending Our Diminishment And Dehumanization Of Others. Rector, John (John M.)                Cloth      2014

Onto-Cartography: An Ontology Of Machines And Media.       Bryant, Levi R.,   Paper      2014

Philosophic Thoughts: Essays On Logic And Philosophy.           Jason, Gary James, 1949-  Cloth      2013

Philosophical Politics In Germany, 1789-1848.            Rose, Sven-Erik   Paper      2014

Philosophy And Psychology Of Character And Happiness                        Cloth      2014

Philosophy Of Perception: A Contemporary Introduction. Fish, William, 1972-    Ebook    2010

Philosophy Of Praxis: Marx, Lukacs And The Frankfurt School.             Feenberg, Andrew                Paper      2014

Philosophy, Animality And The Life Sciences.              Khandker, Wahida              Cloth      2014

Politics Of Deconstruction: A New Introduction To Jacques Derrida; Trans. By Erik Butler.              Ludemann, Susanne, 1960-                Paper      2014

Possibility Of Naturalism: A Philosophical Critique Of The Contemporary Human Sciences.            Bhaskar, Roy, 1944-          Paper      2015

Practicing Pragmatist Aesthetics: Critical Perspectives On The Arts                          Paper      2014

Pragmatism And American Experience: An Introduction. Richardson, Joan, 1946-             Paper      2014

Questions On Aristotle’s Categories; Trans. By Lloyd A. Newton. Duns Scotus, John, Ca. 1266-1308              Cloth 2014

Radical History & The Politics Of Art. Rockhill, Gabriel             Paper      2014

Reason And Emotion In International Ethics.              Jeffery, Renee      Cloth      2014

Remembering Places: A Phenomenological Study Of The Relationship Between Memory And Place. Donohoe, Janet Cloth 2014

Righteous Giving To The Poor: Tzedakah (“Charity”) In Classical Rabbinic Judaism: Including A Brief Introduction To Rabbinic Literature.             Ulmer, Rivka        Ebook    2014

Ritual And Religion In The Xunzi    Cloth     2014

Sense For Humanity: The Ethical Thought Of Raimond Gaita Paper      2014

Shadow Philosophy: Plato’s Cave And Cinema.           Andersen, Nathan               Paper      2014

Solidarity Politics For Millennials: A Guide To Ending The Oppression Olympics. Hancock, Ange-Marie        Paper 2013

Spiritual Vision Of Frank Buchman.               Boobbyer, Philip  Cloth      2013

Surface: Matters Of Aesthetics, Materiality, And Media.           Bruno, Giuliana   Cloth      2014

Taking Evil Seriously.         Pihlstrom, Sami    Cloth      2014

Television And The Meaning Of Live: An Enquiry Into The Human Situation.    Scannell, Paddy   Paper      2014

Trained Capacities: John Dewey, Rhetoric, And Democratic Practice                     Cloth      2014

Understanding Beliefs.       Nilsson, Nils J., 1933-          Ebook    2014

Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology Of Things. Bennett, Jane, 1957-       Ebook

Virtue And The Moral Life: Theological And Philosophical Perspectives                                Cloth      2014

Virtues Of Abandon: An Anti-Individualist History Of The French Enlightenment.              Coleman, Charly,                Cloth      2014

War Time: An Idea, Its History, Its Consequences. Dudziak, Mary L., 1956- Ebook           2012

What Would Socrates Do?: Self-Examination, Civic Engagement, And The Politics Of Philosophy.                Schlosser, Joel Alden                Cloth      2014

Wittgenstein As Philosophical Tone-Poet: Philosophy And Music In Dialogue.     Szabados, Bela, 1942-       Paper      2014

Working In The Field: Anthropological Experiences Across The World. Stewart, Pamela J Cloth      2014

Also: this title is new and available via our Springer E-Books account: Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue: The Logos of Life and Cultural Interlacing / Editors: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, Nazif Muhtaroglu, Detlev Quintern  Note: Essays from a 2010 Conference.

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