Books ordered recently

Companion To Wittgenstein (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) Wiley Online Library eBook 2017
Deleuze-Lucretius Encounter. Johnson, Ryan J Cloth 2017
Faces Of Moderation: The Art Of Balance In An Age Of Extremes. Craiutu, Aurelian Cloth 2017
Information And Interaction: Eddington, Wheeler, And The Limits Of Knowledge Cloth 2017
Moral Psychology Of Confucian Shame: Shame Of Shamelessness. Seok, Bongrae, 1964- Paper 2017
Philosophical Perspectives On Modern Qur’anic Exegesis: Key Paradigms And Concepts. Campanini, Massimo, 1954- Paper 2016
Routledge Handbook Of Mechanisms And Mechanical Philosophy Cloth 2017
Spacetime Of The Imperial Cloth 2017
Starry Reckoning: Reference And Analysis In Mathematics And Cosmology. Grosholz, Emily, 1950- Cloth 2016
Thinking The Body As A Basis, Provocation, And Burden Of Life: Studies In Intercultural Intercultural And Historical Contexts. Cloth 2015

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Wilson Periodicals moved

The big Wilson moves are well underway.

The basement Periodicals room is nearly empty. The Periodicals have moved up to 3rd and 4th floors of Wilson.  Bound and Unbound are shelved together, title by title.

Here’s the new floorplan

When was this announced?
In our continuum publication, October 2016, along with other changes, in the paragraph

Other Wilson Library Updates
Periodicals and Dewey Decimal collections moving
The east section of the fourth floor of Wilson Library will re-open before Finals Week, providing additional study space. The area has been closed since late August, allowing staff to process the relocation of collections classified with the Dewey Decimal system. Some of these Dewey materials will be re-classified into our Library of Congress system and remain in Wilson, while others will be moved to off-site storage.

The bound and current periodicals, in the basement of Wilson Library, will be relocated to the third (N-J) and fourth A-M) floors.

Here are a few photos to show the changes; visit Wilson and explore if you plan to use the collections here in the coming months. (I had to do this myself!)

Below: Fourth floor lobby, entrance to Periodicals A-M


Below: Fourth Floor, bound and unbound titles shelved side by side


Below: Third floor, Periodicals N-Z looking east.


Below: Bound and unbound issues on third floor, shelved together by title.



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Recent Oxford Handbooks

There are 66 titles under Philosophy in Oxford Handbooks Online (

To access, be sure to login to the U and to the Libraries (It’s not yet listed in the catalog)

Just released:

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology
Herman Cappelen, Tamar Szabó Gendler, and John Hawthorne (eds)
Print publication date:May 2016
Online publication date:Aug 2016
This book examines the nature of philosophical methodology, defined as the study of philosophical method: how to do philosophy well. It considers a number of hypotheses that explain the nature of philosophical methodology, including eliminativism, epistemologism, theory selectionism, necessary preconditionalism, and hierarchicalism. It also tackles a range of topics such as ‘ordinary language philosophy’, the role of logic in philosophical methodology, phenomenology, philosophical heuristics, and methods in the philosophy of literature and film. Other chapters discuss the method of reflective equilibrium, the notions of conceivability and possibility, naturalistic approaches to philosophical methodology, the methodology of legal philosophy, aesthetics and the philosophy of art as branches of analytic philosophy, issues and methods in the philosophy of mathematics, how and whether faith conflicts with reason, and critical philosophy of race. …


Philosophy Oxford Handbooks

Here’s a quick title list A-Z
The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics
The Oxford Handbook of American Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of Aquinas
The Oxford Handbook of Aristotle
The Oxford Handbook of Bioethics
The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century
The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century
The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century
The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of Causation
The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Phenomenology
The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Continental Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology
The Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory
The Oxford Handbook of Ethics at the End of Life
The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of War
The Oxford Handbook of Free Will
The Oxford Handbook of Free Will: Second Edition (2 ed.)
The Oxford Handbook of Freedom
The Oxford Handbook of German Philosophy in the Nineteenth Century
The Oxford Handbook of Hobbes
The Oxford Handbook of Hume
The Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Leibniz
The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics
The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Literature
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Neuroscience
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy in Early Modern Europe
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Biology
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Cognitive Science
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Criminal Law
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Economics
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Physics
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Time
The Oxford Handbook of Plato
The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of Presocratic Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Rationality
The Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of Skepticism
The Oxford Handbook of Spinoza
The Oxford Handbook of The History of Analytic Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Political Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of the Self
The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory
The Oxford Handbook of Wittgenstein
The Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy

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Directory news

By this Fall or sooner, we’ll have ONLINE access to the  International Directory of Philosophy – which will include Directory of American Philosophers). 

PRINT editions in Wilson

These titles in print were published separately and housed in Wilson Library:
(Click links for holdings and location of earlier volumes)

International directory of philosophy and philosophers
Bowling Green State University. Philosophy Documentation Center.; International Institute of Philosophy.
Wilson Reference Quarto B35 .I55 (earlier editions in Wilson general collection)

Directory of American philosophers
Bowling Green State University. Philosophy Documentation Center.
Wilson Reference Quarto B935 .D5 (earlier editions in Wilson general collection)


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The International Encyclopedia of Ethics

Did you know we have this encyclopedia online?  it’s at your fingertips day and night:

The International Encyclopedia of Ethics

Title: The international encyclopedia of ethics
Contributor: Hugh LaFollette 1948-
Publisher: Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell
Date: 2013
Summary: Covers major philosophical, legal and religions traditions. Provides clear definitions and explanations of all areas of ethics including the topics, movements, arguments, and key figures in normative ethics, meta-ethics, and practical ethics. Broad topics include applied ethics, bioethics, business ethics, civil society, continental ethics, environmental ethics, feminist ethics, history of ethics, moral distinctions, moral psychology, moral responsibility, non-western ethics, personal relationships, political ethics, professional ethics, science and ethics, sexuality, social ethics, technology, value of life, and war and violence.
Source: University of Minnesota Catalog

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Orders placed



Advances in Religion, Cognitive Science, and Experimental Philosophy                    Ebook      2016

Conduct of inquiry in international Relations: Philosophy of Science and Its Implications For the Study of World Politics.       Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus        Paper    2016

Hidden Authorship of Soren Kierkegaard.    Sawyer, Jacob H           Paper    2015

intoxication; Trans. By Philip Armstrong.     Nancy, Jean-Luc           Paper    2016

infinite Distraction: Paying Attention To Social Media.         Pettman, Dominic         Paper      2016

intellectual Humility: An introduction To the Philosophy and Science.          Church, Ian      Paper    2016

Philosophy of Cognitive Science.     Cain, M.J          Paper    2016

Philosophy of Science: Key Concepts.         French, Steven Cloth    2016

Physics and Speculative Philosophy: Potentiality in Modern Science            Cloth    2016

Pythagoras and the Doctrine of Transmigration: Wandering Souls. Luchte, James  Paper      2011

Reduction and Emergence in Science andPhilosophy.          Gillett, Carl       Cloth    2016

Soren Kierkegaard: Subjectivity, Irony, and the Crisis of Modernity.            Stewart, Jon (Jon Bartley)          Cloth    2015

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Student Success & Library Use

Research at the U of MN linking student success to library use is in the spotlight again, this time on Boopsie for this good news report from the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Digital resources are great, of course, and we have subject specific pages too – but don’t dismiss a visit to your library. There are great print resources in each one, and friendly helpful staff – and you can find a coffee shop in Walter and Wilson too.

Excerpt from the entry in Boopsie:
“As college libraries foster accessibility and student engagement, they contribute to the success of their students through increased graduation rates, increased retention rates, and higher GPAs. When college libraries contribute to student success, they increase institutional prestige while preparing future leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.”

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Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy

On order for Wilson:

Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy; V. 1 Paper 2013
Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy; V. 2 Paper 2014
Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy: V. 3 Paper 2015

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PHILOSOPHY firm orders invoiced since July 1, 2015

PHILOSOPHY firm orders invoiced since July 1, 2015
check our Libraries catalog by searching title

Alfarabi: the political writings; v. Ii: “political regime” and “summary of Plato’s laws.; trans. By Charles e. Butterworth. Farabi cloth 2015
Artemis. Budin, stephanie lynn cloth 2016
Arthur Schopenhauer: new material by him and about him by dr. David asher Asher, David, 1818-1890 cloth 2015
Articulation between natural sciences and systematic theology: a philosophical mediation based on the contributions of jean Ladriere and Xavier zubiri.paper 2015
Atheism. Evans, dylan, 1966- paper 2014
Dancing with absurdity: your most cherished beliefs (and all your others) are probably wrong. Leavitt, fred cloth 2015
Developing moral sensitivity cloth 2015
Dialogue as a trans-disciplinary concept: martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue and its contemporary reception. Cloth 2015
Fabricating origins paper 2015
From Hegel to Windelband: historiography of philosophy in the 19th century ebook 2015
God and mental causation. Lim, daniel paper 2015
Islam and rationality: the impact of al-ghazali: papers collected on his 900th anniversary.; v. 1 ebook 2015
Letter that has not been read: dreams in the Hebrew bible; trans. By lenn j. Schramm. Bar, shaul ebook 2001
Partitioning the soul: debates from Plato to Leibniz ebook 2014
Problem of perception and the experience of god: toward a theological empiricism. Yadav, sameer paper 2015
Recognition principle: a philosophical perspective between psychology, sociology and politics. Busacchi, vinicio cloth 2015
Research methodology: from philosophy of science to research design. Novikov, a.m. (aleksandr mikhailovich), 1941- ebook 2013
Robust demands of the good: ethics with attachment, virtue, and respect. Pettit, philip, 1945- ebook 2015
Stem cell dialogues: a philosophical and scientific inquiry into medical frontiers. Krimsky, sheldon ebook 2015
Voltaire’s revolution: writings from his campaign to free laws from religion voltaire, 1694-1778 paper 2015

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Approval plan books invoiced since July 1 2015

PHILOSOPHY approval plan books invoiced since July 1, 2015

check our Libraries catalog by searching title

Aesthetics of ugliness: a critical edition Rosencrantz, Karl, 1805-1879 cloth 2015
Against facts. Betti, Arianna, 1970- cloth 2015
Animal theory: a critical introduction. Ryan, Derek paper 2015
Autonomy platonism and the indispensability argument. Marcus, Russell, 1966- cloth 2015
Badiou and Hegel: infinity, dialectics, subjectivity cloth 2015
Before virtue: assessing contemporary virtue ethics. Sanford, Jonathan j., 1974- cloth 2015
Creaturely cosmologies: why metaphysics matters for animal and planetary liberation. Donaldson, Brianne cloth 2015
Critical theory of creativity: utopia, aesthetics, atheism and design. Howells, richard, 1956- cloth 2015
Defending Rorty: pragmatism and liberal virtue. Curtis, william m. (william mcallister), 1970- cloth 2015
Deleuze and the non/human cloth 2015
Descartes’ philosophical revolution: a reassessment. Ben-Yami, Hanoch, 1962- cloth 2015
Dialectic of the ladder: Wittgenstein, the tractatus and modernism. Ware, Ben cloth 2015
Elbow room: the varieties of free will worth wanting. Dennett, d.c. (daniel clement) paper 2015
Emotions in Indian thought-systems cloth 2015
Ethical loneliness: the injustice of not being heard. Stauffer, jill, 1966- cloth 2015
Ethics of subjectivity: perspectives since the dawn of modernity cloth 2015
Evil in Africa: encounters with the everyday paper 2015
Extended rationality: a hinge epistemology. Coliva, Annalisa, 1973- cloth 2015
For Badiou: idealism without idealism. Ruda, frank paper 2015
Gadamer and the transmission of history. Veith, jerome, 1981- cloth 2015
German culture and the modern environmental imagination: narrating and depicting nature. Wilke, sabine, 1957- paper 2015
Henri Bergson Jankelevitch, Vladimir paper 2015
Hidden god: pragmatism and posthumanism in american thought. White, ryan cloth 2015
Indispensable excess of the aesthetic: evolution of sensibility in nature. Mandoki, katya, 1947- cloth 2015
Intelligent mind: on the genesis and constitution of discursive thought. Winfield, richard dien, 1950- cloth 2015
Interanimations: receiving modern German philosophy. Pippin, robert b., 1948- cloth 2015
Inventing Socrates. Hollingworth, miles paper 2015
Jean Baudrillard: from hyperreality to disappearance: uncollected interviews baudrillard, jean, 1929-2007 paper 2015
Kant’s transcendental deduction of the categories: unity, representation, and apperception. Kaye, Lawrence j cloth 2015
Logic and the limits of philosophy in kant and hegel. Bohnet, clayton, 1976- cloth 2015
Making sense: beauty, creativity, and healing; bandy lee. Cloth 2014
Marx, the body, and human nature. Fox, john g., 1964- cloth 2015
Muhammad Iqbal: essays on the reconstruction of modern muslim thought cloth 2015
Narrative naturalism: an alternative framework for philosophy of mind. Wahman, Jessica, 1968- cloth 2015
New approaches to neo-Kantianism cloth 2015
On moral certainty, justification and practice: a wittgensteinian perspective. Hermann, julia, 1979- cloth 2015
Philosophy of Hilary Putnam cloth 2015
Politics of objectivity: an essay on the foundations of political conflict. Steinberger, peter j., 1948- cloth 2015
Postdigital aesthetics: art, computation and design cloth 2015
Problem of universals in contemporary philosophy cloth 2015
Rationality, control, and freedom: making sense of human freedom. Douglass, curran fletcher, 1945- cloth 2015
Remembering the holocaust: generations, witnessing and place. Jilovsky, esther cloth 2015
Respecting truth: willful ignorance in the internet age. Mcintyre, lee c paper 2015
Rhetorical invention of man: a history of distinguishing humans from other animals. Goodale, greg, 1966- cloth 2015
Self-knowledge and self-deception. Strandberg, hugo, 1975- cloth 2015
Sophists in plato’s dialogues. Corey, david d cloth 2015
Sounds: the ambient humanities. Mowitt, john, 1952- paper 2015
Spinoza’s critique of religion and its heirs: Marx, Benjamin, Adorno. Dobbs-Weinstein, idit, 1950- cloth 2015
Story of my life: narrative and self-understanding. Moran, richard, 1953- cloth 2015
Striking beauty: a philosophical look at the asian martial arts. Allen, barry, 1957- cloth 2015
Structure of enquiry in plato’s early dialogues. Politis, Vasilis cloth 2015
Study of dialectic in Plato’s Parmenides. Sanday, eric cloth 2015
Subjectivity and identity: between modernity and postmodernity. Zima, peter v cloth 2015
Theory of the sublime from longinus to kant. Doran, robert, 1968- cloth 2015
Thinking through animals: identity, difference, indistinction. Calarco, matthew, 1972- paper 2015
Thresholds of listening: sound, technics, space paper 2015
Unconscious thought in philosophy and psychoanalysis. Hendrix, john cloth 2015
Unity of oneness and plurality in plato’s Theaetetus. Bloom, Daniel cloth 2015
What the body commands: the imperative theory of pain. Klein, colin, 1979- cloth 2015

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